Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

This is site is currently under intense frequent charmingly lackadaisical development. This means it is NOT SAFE for people or their furpals/lizardkin/insectbros and probably wont work, let alone persist in its current state AT ALL!. Please, do not use for real things.

It is being developed for the following purposes:

  • To teach me some django, python, bootstrap etc
  • To test out some ideas I had about whether or not the ThunderDomeDome concept, currently running on the Something Awful forums, could be replicated/automated on another platform in the event something happened to those forums (this is, admittedly, less of a risk currently than it used to be, but who knows what the future holds?).
  • To see how easy it is these days to make something with relatively modern tools and make it as accessible and secure as possible
  • To make me incredibly rich by stealing other people's ideas and monetising them (stretch goal).

So, how does it all work?


The basis of everything on this site is stories, and encouraging people to write them.

  • Members can write as many stories as they like, and save them.
  • Stories can be set to be private, viewable only to members, or publicly viewable
  • Any story that has only ever been private can be entered in a contest. No Peeksies!
  • Any story that is viewable to others may be randomly selected for a minidome battle


The Minidome is a battle between two stories for supremacy. It also ensures stories from past contests don't languish in the archives forever.

The Minidome randomly selects one story from all stories available in the archive to the judge, and then places it against one other semi-random story that has had fewer matchups.

Non-logged in judges will only ever get publicly viewable stories, logged in judges will get a selection from all non-private stories

The Judge reads both stories, and selects a winner.

Logged in Judges can also leave a comment on their decision.

Stats for public-judged matches and member-judged matches are stored separately


ThunderDome is at heart a series of contests between stories, all written to meet the requirements of a single writing prompt, and then judged.

Judges are expected to provide useful criticisms for each story along with their judgement.

There are three types of contest:

  1. Judge Tables
  2. Rumbles
  3. Brawls

Judge Tables

This is the OG style ThunderDome. One previous winner provides a writing prompt, chooses two other volunteer judges to help him decide the winner, and then passes judgement on the stories that are submitted


This is an experimental style of contest, where each entrant judges and critiques three other stories, placing them in one of 7 ranked slots

From these scores, via a top-secret algorithm, a winner is divined

It probably don't work, but it seemed an interesting idea to try to prevent cabals in an online setting


If a user's profile is set to accept challenges, one user may challenge another to a brawl. If accepted, this challenge then gets broadcast, and a judge can self-volunteer to provide a prompt and decide the winner when the stories are submitted.

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