Chaos Fishermen

Well past the other side of Yonder
In a land beyond our ken
Fishing from the tides of chaos
Live the Chaos Fishermen

The morning moon shines in their eyestalk
From a periwinkle sky
That flaps a little as they walk
Beneath the Chaos Butterfly

They sail out in all contraptions
Coracles and script adaptions
Singing subtitles and captions
Joyous Chaos Fishermen

One fisherman sings quite the clearest
From his floating ship of brick
Songs of the chaos sea careerist
He has no name, let's call him Rick

He sails beyond the harbour's safety
Feels the sea breeze in each hair
The chaos roils about him chastely
As he bobs in his deckchair

Out he sails on his adventures
A fisherman down to his dentures
His valiant efforts no man censures
Noble Chaos Fisherman

Beneath the sky-god's dappled verges
He anxiously casts tenterhooks
Then settles to see what emerges
While playing chess with only rooks

But signals slip across the seas
In semaphore and pinafore
A rising squall has reached their knees
A Chaos Storm is at the door

Did no one see the insect's wing flap?
Did they sail blind into a deathtrap?
Did any think to bring a rain cap?
Foolish Chaos Fishermen!

Waves of chaos crash down on Rick
Like waves of chaos crashing down
And sitting upright on his brick
Rick thinks the thought that he might drown

The churning discord has no pattern
He cannot see his sailing friends
Short of a hatch down which to batten
He surfs tumultuous dips and bends

Murderous disaster beckons
Eons lived in nanoseconds
An insecty god now reckons
Fates of Chaos Fishermen

Rick sails by teeth skin by the jaw full
Through crushing waves and winds unruly
Wondering, did he something awful
That he does deserve this, truly?

And now, on this precise occasion
His tenterhooks begin to ring
Saying by sonic explanation
That at their end there is... something

His mind awhirr with likely catches
His clothes soaked through, in shreds and patches
Reeling in his lines in batches
Hopeful Chaos Fisherman

Attached, from swirling vasty deep
A giant shape of myths and tales
Leviathan and Behemoth weep
As THE HERRING's form unveils

"WAAARGH" Its terror voice out-boomed
THE HERRING red in tooth and scale
Surely Rick must now be doomed!
How can he at all prevail?

Though chaos drives the mind to bending
Sure as patents come a'pending
There will have to come an ending
Mortal Chaos Fishermen

The churning sea with fever pitches
And also yaws with every breath
"Yet if I must," our hero twitches
"I am quite prepared for death."

He turns his gaze up to the gods
That periwinkle expanse of sky
The flawless roll of odd shaped dice
That is the Chaos Butterfly

Some say that life it is not fair
That proper sense lies in despair
But they ignore the power of prayer
Of Holy Chaos Fishermen

"Oh, Save me, Chaos Butterfly,
From the things that plague me thus.
Please don't refuse or I must try
This yet unmentioned blunderbuss."

Seeing Rick on brick with mortar
The sky god flapped a fearful wing
And soon chaotic waves grew shorter
Whilst submerging THE HERRING

Men of every creed and race
Admit that there may lack some grace
In shooting sky gods in the face
Cheeky Chaos Fishermen

And when the fleet limped home again
Exhausted by their days
They were diminished one in ten
And changed in many ways

But on their lines and tenterhooks
Were treasures rich and striking
Shoelaces and children's books
And quinoa to their liking

For that is the chaotic life
They mine the wettest seams of strife
With songs and guns and perils rife
Brave Chaos Fishermen

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